No UFO Disclosure No Vote is a campaign to force the President of the United States and Congress to disclose the truth about the UFO phenomenon before the next presidential election in 2012. If the President and Congress doesn't disclose before the 2012 Election Day we won't vote for them for a second term in office. We, the citizens of the United States, will also tell what ever Presidential Candidates and Congressional Candidate who is thinking about running for office at that time that if they want us to vote for them they have to promise us full UFO disclosure and if they don't keep their promises we won't vote for them for a second term in office. We will keep on doing this until they see that we are serious and then they won't have any choice, but to disclose. We have to also stipulate clearly in our letters, emails, and fax that we won't have our intelligence insulted by them telling us that these UFOs are nothing more than natural phenomenon, mistaken earthly aircrafts, weather balloons, crash test dummies, and etc. We already know that they are extra terrestrial in nature.  What we really want to know is what's really going on behind the Iron Curtain of UFO Denial. We have to get as many people as possible to write to them telling them this and who ever else is thinking about running for office and get the word out on the internet and the media. I think this is our best bet for UFO disclosure.  Please let me know by email if you write to the President , Congress, Presidential Candidates and/or Congressional, so I can keep a tally on how many of you wrote to the President and etc.  It is very important that in these letters you state your name and what state that you reside in, so that the Politicians know that you are real people writing these heart felt letters and not a spammer or a bot.  If one of you write a good letter making a good argument for our cause email it to me and with your permission I'll use it as a form letter.
I also ask that you state in your letters to the President and Congress that they allow UFO disclosure whistle blowers like pilots, politicians, ex military officers, scientists, and etc. be allowed to testify in front of Congress ASAP.
You can contact the White House here:
The Presidents contact Info: 
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
White House Phone Numbers
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
You can also sign the No UFO Disclosure Petition on-line here:
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